In line with the demands of our customers in all branches of transport, with all our employees, suppliers and equipment, to meet their needs and expectations, with the experience, skill and meticulousness of our Group, in the shortest time, the most cost effective and most reliable way, both classic and modern transportation methods service and produce is our most important principle.

While providing and producing these services, we aim to apply the standards of our quality management system continuously, fully and on time. In order to maximize customer satisfaction, we undertake to comply with our defined service processes, to monitor their continuous improvement in order to ensure their effectiveness, and to immediately correct any defects that may or may be hampered.

Personnel training at all levels of our Group will be continued with a focus on continuous improvement in all activities that provide added value in order to increase the knowledge of our employees on the Quality Management System and improve system performance, to manage our business processes effectively and to realize our targets. The necessary personnel, facilities and resources to ensure effective Quality Management will be kept ready for use.

Akkon Shipping considers the happiness and job satisfaction of its employees as well as its customers, and knows that quality service passes through the institutions and people who work happily. In addition, it believes that maintaining and maintaining the trust of its customers, employees and suppliers in the community in which it operates is an indispensable element for the continuation of the Group's growth and success. In order to deserve this trust, we are determined to comply with the standards set out in our principles.